I was born in the Parisian suburbs.

I picked up the guitar at a late age. I was working as a shorthand typist in a cosmetic company - not happily - and a colleague recommended me to pursue my passion.

My formative years mainly came about transcribing jazz guitar arrangements and solos from recordings between work hours. I signed up for a 6-week course at the C.I.M. Paris, and attended one year at I.M.F.P. Salon de Provence.

After spending a few years performing in small Jazz ensembles in New York, I relocated in Los Angeles and I have been successfully performing as a solo singing-guitarist for private events hosting guests such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Taylor Swift, Jonah Hill.

My tribute song to Marseille ‘Adieu Massilia’ was featured in Parts Unknown - Anthony Bourdain, as well as ‘La Prossima Vittima’ (Michael Ruffino) for which I contributed a vocal jazz.

In May 2018, after releasing my EP, I imagined an animation of 20 seconds as a way to embellish a song. As a result I got completely immersed in the animation world (learning from tutorials) and brought to completion 3 animated music videos.